Exactly What Is A Personal Vaporizer?

Smoking has just stepped in to the next level, the traditional methods of smoking are becoming too inefficient and inconvenient. These methods used to combust herbs directly, this was not good for the smokers’ health. After combustion they leave behind tar and toxic by-products, which studies claim can cause cancer if used for some time. But in the last decade new technology has come up and it is eliminating these health risks. The introduction of vaporizers, whether it is dry herb vaporizers or the electronic liquid vaporizers. Has helped many smokers take a step to eliminating their health risks, generally vaporizers do not combust the herbs they vaporize it. There are many types of electronic vaporizers in the market today, some cheap and others quite expensive. Among these types, there is the personal vaporizer, what exactly is a personal vaporizer?

Quantity Vapor

This vaporizer is also called the MOD because of its design and shape, they look like metal tubes or a flashlight. It is specifically developed for those who are always on the go, because this vaporizer is portable although sometimes they are heavy. With this vaporizer you are in control of the gadget, they also produce high quality and quantity vapor. They come with different designs and colors, so the consumer has a variety to choose from. Basically the personal vaporizer is the most powerful vaporizer in the market, because the amount of vapor it produces cannot be matched to any other vaporizer or even the tobacco cigarettes. The personal vaporizer has the best battery, it lasts all day. These vaporizers have the option of using either a tankomizer, cartomizer, atomizer or a clearomizer on the top of the battery. It also has a variable voltage, thus the battery output can be adjusted to provide the optimum temperature. The voltage range is from 3.0 volts to 6.0 volts, and can be increased by 0.1 volts per time until the maximum temperature is attained.

You Can Regulate the Voltage

With this vaporizer you can regulate the amount of voltage the heating element is used, and the cartomizers come with different resistance levels either low or high resistance. The temperature of the heating element will depend on the resistance, low resistance comes with high temperatures and vice versa.Their extra weight you get from these vaporizers is worth, because you will get satisfaction with the amount of vapor they produce. The good about a vaporizer having some extra weight is that it is hard for it to get lost.

What Is A Personal Vaporizer

If you are that person who likes quantity vapor, then you ought to get yourself a personal vaporizer. This is why these vaporizers are attracting most of the smokers, using the e liquid of your choice you get maximum vapor. Thus, these vaporizers are helping smokers quit smoking, gives great vapor taste because they do not overheat. If you have been wondering what a personal vaporizer, it is a battery-powered gadget which can fit in your pocket or your purse. A vaporizer with more vapor quantity and temperature control

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Should I Believe Information From The Extreme Vaporizers Site?

With its strong reputation and following, Extreme Vaporizers has become one of the best sources for information on vaping. They will provide a strong, ongoing source for your herbal or cigarette vaporizer needs. Their site, extremevaporizers.com, provides not only information on products, but also goes into detail as to who invented them, how they work internally, what type of user it will benefit specific products, and how to use the vaporizers themselves.

The site also offers reviews of the best vaporizers for 2014, mod reviews, e-liquid reviews, and other vaping news, which contains information on state FDA regulations of the e Cigarettes and personal vaporizers.

Extremevaporizers.com provides their privacy policy upfront for its viewers. They also have an ongoing blog of updates in the industry on products, and on the site itself. There are also certain advertisements on the site, in keeping up with most sites today, and information on these sites is provided in the privacy policy.

45Extremevaporizers.com was founded and is managed by Shaun Bradley, who has been a promoter of the use of medical marijuana for the past 15 years. He also runs another web site called easy420grow.com, which provides reviews on the same subject. He voted to pass Proposition 215, and is looking forward to the day when medical marijuana use is decriminalized.

Knowing who is providing the information on a given site is a good way to tell how honest the website is. Also, having access to reviews on products is a good way to evaluate the honesty of a site; knowing that the products are being used by real people provides a trust factor for a site. Extreme Vaporizers fits all of these categories, and sets the bar for what a good site is, by providing all of the information and customer testimonials you’re looking for.

As the use of medical marijuana continues to grow, sites such as extremevaporizers.com are going to become more important in providing news, reviews, and opinions on what is going on in the field. You can trust this site for the latest updates, great reviews, and news on what is going on, because the people behind it are using the products themselves.

The information on the site is nothing more than honest and factual; reading reviews from other users and customers of the site further validate the consensus. Interested or potential customers can believe the Extreme Vaporizers site for all of their vaporizing needs and news.

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Can You Use Tobacco in a Vaporizer?

The greater portion of the information on the internet regarding the use of vaporizer is on everything else other than tobacco and even on some scale it is about how to cease the use of tobacco. However, as a matter of fact, tobacco can be used in a vaporizer – but it has to be a specific one that can handle it such as the tobacco vaporizers or the dry vaporizer to use with dried vapor. Tobacco is a legal herb and so all the kits that can be used with herb vaporizers with so much convenience.

Benefits of vaporizing tobacco


There are several benefits associated with vaporizing tobacco as compared to smoking, one of them is that the carcinogens that are produced during smoking of cigarettes is eliminated, making it safer and healthy, thus reduces the contraction of the deadly diseases that are associated with the smoking of tobacco, also the tar produced by smoking in this case is eliminated making vaporizing more safer and preferred by many.It is suggested by a number of manufacturers that tobacco vaporizers can be a means of quitting smoking of cigarettes. This proposal is however met with a lot of controversy by international bodies such as the world health organization that claim that the results of its use cannot be concluded to aid cessation of smoking and advised the public against such use. This was also echoed by the federal body in charge of addictions that discredits its use as a tool for cessation from smoking. All said, the fact remains that vaporizing is always better than smoking for both the sensation and also the healthiest.

Aspects of vaporizers used for tobacco

There are various aspects that are considered while looking for a vaporizer, for the case of a tobacco vaporizer, the following are some of the aspects one can consider. Some of these aspects may include;

  1. Power supply

For any vaporizer to operate, they need a source of energy. In the case of the herb vaporizers they have a tendency of requiring more power than those using e liquids as it takes more heat to produce the vapor from herbs. Therefore, the amount and the source of power is a great aspect to be considered in the purchase of such a kit.

  1. Size

Generally the size of the kits used with herbs is relatively larger than their counterparts. Though there exists portable kits for use with herbs such as tobacco, the majority are big as naturally herbs are also big thus they need a larger space.

  1. Functionality

How the kit operates is also important to determine how reliable it will be to your needs, there are two major makes of vaporizers, induction based and coil element based. One needs to understand their operations to make a proper choice.

  1. Design

The design of the kit affects its appearance and also it looks at the materials used in the making of the kit. The use of glass as a heating element is preferred for a lean vapor and also to eliminate metallic taste in the vapor.


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Should I Buy A Vapolution Vaporizer?

Since the up rise of vaping, one of the common issues that their users or people that want to buy vaporizers is on the model and make of the vaporizer. Since there are no dominant makers of these kits because they are a relatively new concept. However, for those that are determined about it, they can get relevant reviews from the web. One of such kits is the vapolution vaporizer. Vapolution is a brand that has been around for some times and has proven over time to be reliant and effective vaporizer. It has gained a lot of positive reviews over the time and this is a true show that it is a trusted brand and also lived to its promise.

About these vaporizers

They are made by VAPOLUTION, a company started in 2000 and thus has gained trust among users over time. The company is usually credited with an all glass on glass vaporizer that greatly improved the quality of vapor produced by eliminating the contact of herbs or concentrates and thus the vapor does not have a metallic taste at all. Their kits are really easy to use of top quality. They are properly insulated and this makes them be able to retain a cool temperature on the outside at all times and also makes them feel heavy and expensive.

Vapolution vaporizers boast the widest range of glassware on their products and also allow for the upgrade of the equipment’s with glassware. One can get a kit that has a glass heater, a glass bowl with a glass mouth piece. This in return ensures that the vapor released is of the top most quality and also very clean. The use of glass also contributes greatly to the cute designs available and also their light weigh characteristic that makes them very portable. With this type of vaporizer there is no waiting, grinding or even stirring of the base product, all that one needs to do is to put a piece of your preferred herb into the compartment and enjoy the vapor produced instantly, as simple as that. This kit also comes with an infuser that is unique to Vapolution and it allows for the removal of oils and resin from the kit as you enjoy the vapor.

Buying these kits

So as to enjoy an all-time amazing experience of glass on glass vapor, one needs to purchase a suitable kit. Vapolution vaporizers are one of the sure ways of having this experience and they for sure the best bet and the ultimate kit in their category. For purchases they are available from the leading online stores and also on the manufacturers’ website for amazing discounts. The kits are also available I leading vaporizers retail outlets around the globe. These kits are also very reliable from the reputation of the manufacturer. They are also warranted and guaranteed for a better customer experience. You also enjoy a supply of replacement and upgrade parts from anywhere.

After all is said this is the best kit for you to have, so visit your preferred outlet and purchase a kit for your personal use.

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Best Unit For Using Vaporizer Concentrates?

Vaping is the latest thing in smoking, however there is a difference between vaping and smoking. With smoking you are basically burning substances to get its active ingredients into your system, you are simply inhaling smoke. The smoke mostly contains tar which can cause health complications. This is why most people are turning to vaping, this is the process of inhaling vapor produced by a vaporizer. With vaping you do not have to worry about tar, because there is no tar in electronic cigarettes. There are so many vaporizers in the market, which are suitable for your vaporizer concentrates but which amongst these gadgets will satisfy you? The unit, which will be the best for all the variety is of concentrates that you have, this is what you should consider before buying a unit. Also the type of concentrates you will be using is important when buying a vaporizer, will you be using dry herbs or electronic liquids.

Dry Herbs Vs E Liquid Units

47When it comes to dry herb vaporizers, it is advisable to buy a unit that will have temperature control. Herbs are more sensitive when vaporizing, if poorly vaporized or if you use a poor quality vaporizer you may end up having burnt herbs. This is why the best units for your vaporizer concentrates is the one which will regulate the temperature, keeping it sufficient enough for the vaporization process. The best units for your e liquid are the ones which will heat up very quickly you do not have to wait for minutes before you can start vaping. Choose a unit with low resistance, the lower the resistance is the higher the temperatures are. If you choose a unit with high resistance, the heating element will be taking time for it to attain the optimum temperature required to vaporize the concentrates. For the e liquid vaporizers, it is good to buy a unit which has a longer battery life. It is very frustrating to have a unit that only lasts a few puffs, a good unit should last at least a day.

Convection Or Conduction Style Units

It is also of great importance to know which method of vaporization the unit you are about to buy or even the unit you are using. There are two methods of vaporization; convection style and conduction style vaporization. Conduction vaporization is when the vaporizer concentrates are in direct contact with the heating element, the temperatures are regulated to the sufficient level. The temperatures have to be controlled, otherwise the unit might burn the concentrates especially if it is an herb vaporizer. Convection style vaporizers are deemed better because, the vaporizer concentrates are not in direct contact with the heating element.

With this method hot air goes through the concentrates and it carries the active elements to the system, thus with this method a good battery is needed in order to heat the air to the required temperature. But in general, it is hard to say one method is better than the other, the best unit for you concentrates is a unit with high capacity battery, low resistance and easy to clean unit.

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New on the scene: the vaporfi jet vaporizer

The VaporFi jet vaporizer and the New on the scene: the vaporfi jet vaporizer

This is a new vaporizer in the industry of vaporizers. It is set apart from the rest because of its unique sleek design, its display features and its capacity to produce greater vapor. It has a very attractive image and works wonderfully. It has extra features that are not found in the other vaporizers this is what creates its uniqueness.

New on the scene: the vaporfi jet vaporizer

In every scene of various industries, technology has made it easier for the manufacturing companies to keep on discovering new trends that will make the market to be diversified. The vaporization industry has not been left behind in discovering new vaporizers that will suit many needs of their clients in  an easier way.


The vaporFi jet vaporizer is new on the scene of vaporizers. It is a unique vaporizer that is different from the other vaporizers. It has features that are not in the other vaporizers. It comes with its own ingredients that it uses in the vaporization process.

The vaporFi jet vaporizer offers simply the best vaporizers being made today. This is because it uses high technology to be developed. Its products are high tech, high performing, advanced vaporizers made for discerning vapers. It is made entirely free of tobacco. Being new in the market it has been developed further to cater for the emerging desires of the customers in the vaporization industry.

The introduction of the new vaporizer in the market has given the users a wide variety to choose from. They come with extra benefits which include saving a lot of money and providing excellent and efficient services.

The vaporfi jet vaporizer is ranked among the top vaporizers in the world. It is more advanced and unique from other vaporizers. It has a long lasting battery which makes the vaporization process to be carried out faster and for a long time without the device getting damaged. The battery is of high voltage and the temperatures are not regulated manually. They are set in a way that if they reach the combustion point they switch off so as to avoid damaging the vaporizer.

The vaporfi jet vaporizer has a jet vape pen. This jet offers additional power and options such as a digital screen and a battery meter on the vaporizer and is a great middle ground kind of vaporizer that comes with a starter kit with a wide variety of accessories. This is a great kit that has all what is required to operate the vaporfi jet vaporizer. The other vaporizers do not have this feature, hence this makes this vaporizer stands out.

The unique battery saving feature is different from other vaporizers batteries. The battery power button can be held down for approximately ten seconds in which case one will see it flash eight times and then will go for a standby mode.

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